A new kind of Normal.


“If you’re going to look for something, you better know what the something your looking for looks like. So if I’m "pursuing normal", a lifestyle of the usual, many might think I’m heading in the wrong direction.

A girl with a love for war zones, for red light districts, back alleys and dumpsters, some might think I need a new definition of the word normal. But truth is I’m passionate. I love life and I love LOVE. True love. Not lust, but love that lasts. Love that is stronger than death. Love that brings a generation to life.

And this passion for love, this passion for a God that embodies this love better than I could ever begin to comprehend, that passion, that love that thrusts me not only willingly but excitedly into the “hells of earth” that, I believe, is a way that this normal looks. I believe that no longer will generations pass with just the occasional Rosa Parks, William Wilberforces, or Mother Teresas, but I believe this is the new common lifestyle.  A generation of people, men- women- the old and young walking together passionately pursuing a love that lays one’s life down for his friends. For her enemies.  Because we are confident in the one who loves us like that and confident in who we are when we encounter his love, we can fearlessly stand up for justice, for peace and believe for transformation. A change we can pass to our kids and they can give to their kids.  Revolutions started with one and we are a whole lot of ones. Whether in our own backyard or some else’s, we are the ones who change the status quo.

So as the bar is raised and the scales tipped, no longer is normal doing nothing but normal is passion. Normal is freedom. And normal is an active love that can’t help but bring change to the world around them.

So this exciting, ever evolving, lifestyle based on a selfless passionate love, THAT is the normal I am pursuing.

The extraordinary made ordinary. The normal I plan on redefining.”

Cassandra (Basnett) Lee