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It’s been just over 2 months since my last post. A whirlwind of an 8 weeks to say the least with just a couple glorious life changes since then.

Turns out wedding planning doubles as a full time job, (!!) one that we couldn’t have done without my amazing housemate who made the wedding the most beautiful day. ( I wanted Africa and Southern California somehow mixed together, and they did it!

It really was the best day. Most people describe their wedding as a blur that they barely remember, which I can say about the week before, but the actual day went by without a hitch. We were all relaxed and just enjoyed ourselves, with small “breather moments” just between Edison and I throughout the day so we could stop and take it all in. Even during the light rain through the entire ceremony…(oh yes!) For those reading from say, Seattle or Vancouver, you don’t see anything out of the ordinary, but for us in Southern California… we’ve been in drought for almost a year. When we first planned an outdoor wedding in November we didn’t even think of weather. But the sweet presence of Jesus was so evident. We broke the drought with vows and some dear friends praying over us and our marriage and by the time he “kissed the bride” the rain was finished and out came the sun and a beautiful rainbow.

It’s been a glorious one month of marriage since. I love living with my best friend and not having to say “goodnight” at the end of the day. We’re enjoying the cheesy moments like ‘groceries together’ or ‘laundry’ (I know that may not last long, but for now, it’s still new and special) Our greatest challenge has possibly been decorating, which isn’t much of a mountain but his neutral tones to my gold glitter, seem to bump heads now and again. ;)

We came home from our honeymoon in Costa Rica and officially moved into our flat. I love it. It’s within walking distance from some of the best DTLA coffee shops but also right in skid row. (see previous blog for more details) Walking from one to the other last week we suddenly noticed an abundance of flies surrounding us out of no where. Scanning the area it didn't take long til we saw the buzzing was due to large amount of human feces everywhere.

Lovely story, I know—but I feel that describes our area a little bit. :)

But anyway, I have some exciting news. (lol)

Turns out my husband stirs in me even wilder dreams than I had before, something I knew was possible but somehow exploded since marriage. The great thing is however, that mixed with his passion it brings to light a whole other angle to our projects and changing the world. (The beauty of marriage right?)

So with that we’re announcing a Justice Rising internship project we’re launching in LA. February- June 2015 with a phase two in a war zone. Email me for details at:

Space is limited and applications close January 10th 2015

Life is slowly starting to return to normal, (just in time for the holiday craze) My goal is to blog every week about balancing marriage, the streets, war zones and Los Angeles…. Stay tuned for the  glorious journey of pursuing normal.