Bella's Song

It was at the end of a long day, my body was exhausted and my sentence structure getting fuzzy. We had just heard of little girls forced to perform live sex shows in town and had gone to the brothels looking for leads. “Treasure hunting” pimps, traffickers and girls trapped in a nightmare. But even though I could barely keep my eyes open and the stories we heard had just broken our hearts into a million pieces, I was so excited. “What hope there is to be found!”

Recently my friend sent me a song he wrote for Bella house. It’s been such a fun journey so far! So full of jaw dropping miracles as we pursue an end to sex slavery. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning waiting for our girls to be rescued and restored, our prevention campaigns in schools to get underway and for our pimp outreach to be in full force.

Life is such a beautiful thing and we’re so excited to see the restoration come for others to live it!


So without further ado…

Bella’s Song by: Rich Di Castiglone

(A dear friend who was actually the nutter that got me involved with work on the coast in the first place. Thank you so much Rich!!)

Swollen face and bruised up eyes,
A stranger’s fist on a red light night,
The unseen sores of a Mombasa bar,
I hold my breath, it’s gone too far

But Hope holds on, and drags my heart from between the sheets,
Ropes undone, deep in my chest I feel its first beat

I won’t let my scars dictate my path,
As I give up the ghosts of my wounded past,
And the oil on my heart is a smile and a laugh,
In the arms of a home where love is made to last..

I was a tourist’s toy with absent eyes,
I’d give my life just to feed my child,
But love came in and took my hand,
And wrote my name there in the sand…