Rescue Month

A flowing black dress accented with a bright pink scarf and gold bangles up my arm, a chai latte in hand and perfume that smells a little like heaven… People passing on the street would have no idea I was heading into one of the worst war zones in Africa.

I think I prefer it that way. My manicured nails cling to a piece of an old normalcy before I’m thrust back into a life of falling bombs and zinging bullets. “Balance” I call it. 

I’m ridiculously excited for the month ahead.

“Rescue Month” (!!!!)

It starts with Congo. Traveling back to the bush for a week, to the rebel infested villages we call “home” to find our demobilized child soldiers.

Sweet boys who’ve escaped the army and now live in fear of recruitment, holding to a tinge of hope that there could be something more.

I know the dangers. I do. I know the reality of the day to day and that at the end, the romanticized life of “visiting rebel territory” is something resembling a bloated parasite filled belly and the phantom sounds of gunfire in a quiet night. Kind of…


Cause I also know the promise. And the joy. Oh the joy!! Excuse me as I gush. The feeling of being fully satisfied in papa God, doing exactly what you were created to do. To love. Andlaugh! To see miracles in such dark places as light bursts forth. And to travel a million hours on a bad road, in a bumpy vehicle, to find three boys who spent their childhood holding AK-47s.


So yes, I know the dangers. I know the risk. But I also know that being his daughter- is a Really. Big. Deal.


So for the next month we’re doing a #justicerising #followthejourney series on twitter. (Cause I’m determined to tweet more) Where you kind of see the process of what it looks like to rescue child soldiers. As we figure it out. 


Followed by venturing BACK to Kenya to rescue child prostitutes #bellahouse

Causssse I’m figuring that out too. 


And for those joining with us in prayer, or fueling it with finances, or dreaming to do it themselves one day- it’s kind of a play-by-play as we live out a giggly conversation we had with papa in the secret places.


Thank you to all those who join with me and read my blog and send encouraging little messages. You fill my love tank. 


And thank you for praying! Whew, no words!


Key prayer points for the next week-

*Safety. From any kind of overflow of war.

*Wisdom. As each step we take becomes very intentional

*Crazy miracles, encounters and heaven to earth reality. 

*A Car. We’re kinda strapped as everything is ready to move forward except that first we need our own vehicle. We’re slightly stuck until we have transportation. First in Kenya, then in Congo.



I’ll write again another post about the incredible month we had in Mtwapa, I’m just soaking up my last non-work day and thought I’d update.

‘Til then!!